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Music visualisation survey:

About: The videos in this survey are experiments into visualising the experience of listening to music.
The visuals are not meant to replace the music, but to communicate certain qualities of it. The survey was intended to assess what aspects of the music the visuals communicate, and how they could be improved.
Thanks to everyone who completed and/or promoted the survey.

Videos 1 & 2:

These were consecutive parts of Debussy's Reflets Dans l'Eau.

Music visualisation test 9 – Debussy soft edges, more colours from Tom Martin on Vimeo.

Video 3:

This was Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out by Bessie Smith (written by Jimmy Cox).

Music visualisation survey – Video 3 with sound from Tom Martin on Vimeo.


Responses to the first question (Do you associate the video with any of the following moods or emotions?):

Survey first question results graph, compared to intent

Emotion groups:

  1. dignified / solemn / serious
  2. sad / depressing / frustrated
  3. dreamy / sentimental / yearning
  4. serene / lyrical / satisfying
  5. playful / graceful / sprightly
  6. happy / merry / bright
  7. exciting / impetuous / restless
  8. vigorous / robust / majestic

Thin, pale bars are adapted from a 1936 study that asked similar questions for the music.

Full results:

Survey first question results table in full

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