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The Vanishing booklet and film:

About: A large number of young people in care are likely to run away for one reason or another. The Children's Society had worked with young people who have run away and got them to express their experiences through short statements and drawings. They wanted to make a booklet and a film to communicate this to concerned professionals and foster carers, so they could better understand and help the young people.

Role: Designed a booklet integrating type and image within the charity's branding. Sourced suitable music and animated the booklet's content to fit the music and convey the messages in an engaging and effective manner. To find out more about this work, visit the Children's Society website.

Make Runaways Safe video:

About: The Children's Society had a presentation about their Make Runaways Safe appeal and a piece of music they were licensed to use. They wanted the two to be integrated as an audio presentation, with a two-day deadline.

Role: Saw potential in the document to be more than just a static presentation with a soundtrack, so made a video that aimed to bring the statistics to life. Used the charity's icons to illustrate the information, animated it using the music for emphasis, then give it a human face to reinforce the message that these aren't just statistics – they're vulnerable children. Also made a version as a PDF with audio, all within the original deadline. Music by Moby, used with permission. To find out more about the campaign, visit the website.

Start-up Grants appeal video*:

About: The Cystic Fibrosis Trust were working with See the Difference, a recently formed video fundraising charity, to create a video appeal.

Role: Co-directed, co-wrote, filmed and edited the video (using limited software). To donate to the CF Trust, visit their website.

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Great Runs promotional video:

About: Great Runs created a page on their website where charities could promote themselves to runners with a video. The Cystic Fibrosis Trust had no suitable footage, no budget and very little time to create anything.

Role: Wrote, storyboarded and animated a video with the aim of combining hard facts with a feel-good factor. Sourced images, graphics and information from the CF Trust's own resources, and free music and sound effects from elsewhere, combining them all to strengthen the message effectively.

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*Collaborative project, usually with one other designer / director
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