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TARA’s Aura Reading App:

About: As part of an Adobe app development course, a demonstration was given on how to build a “Naughty or Nice” app. This app gave a random output when the user placed their thumb on the screen, creating an illusion of the app reading the thumbprint. The brief was given to create an original app based on the techniques shown.

Role: Devised, developed and built an app based on a scam letter from a ‘psychic’ called TARA. In the letter, TARA told the recipient she'd had a vision in which they were due to win a large sum of money – but there were negative forces that would prevent this. TARA offered to do certain things for free to cast out these forces and ensure the win. All the recipient had to do was send £19.90 (and their personal vibrations) to a PO Box in Bedford…

The app, called TARA (which stands for “TARA’s Aura Reading App”), uses copy closely based on the letter and aims to play on the dubious and sinister nature of the original letter. The use of random values (within specific parameters) gives slightly different results every time. It was selected as one of the best four apps of the week, from around 80 submissions, gaining a Highly Commended award.

You can download TARA 1.0.3 and install it to an Android device (you will need to ensure your device is set to allow non-market apps). Alternatively, scan the QR code below to download. Older devices may need TARA 1.0.1.

TARA photo sequence, © Tom Martin 2015
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