Food and photography – they’re both big interests of mine, but I rarely combined the two. Why? Quite frankly, eating food takes priority over photographing it.

Then I noticed the uncooked off-cuts and inedible bits could be camera fodder.


In Design and the Play Instinct, Paul Rand espoused how important rules are to creativity, and I fully subscribe to this theory. So I developed some rules for these photos:

  1. Photos should be taken with a cameraphone (after initial testing).
  2. Items should not be strategically placed or arranged for the photo – they must be put together with little regard for composition and only minor rearrangements are permitted.
  3. Shots must only make use of ambient lighting – ie available daylight and/or ceiling lights; no extra lighting is permitted.
  4. Only minor cropping and editing is allowed – the posted image must closely resemble the original.
  5. Rules may be bent, broken or changed if necessary to allow for variation.

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